This Is What Makes Someone Fall Madly In Love With You Based On Your Birth Month


If you were born in January, people are in love with you because you genuinely care about others. This does not just go for friends and family – you can hold a conversation with anyone and everyone because your caring nature knows no limits. You love to laugh and enjoy your life, making people flock to you organically.


February-born people were blessed with the gift of natural beauty. This is what initially draws people in, however, once they get to know you it is apparent that this beauty runs much deeper. Sometimes, those who don’t know you underestimate you based on your appearance. You always end up proving them wrong though, making you a knockout both on the inside and the outside.


People will fall in love with you based on the fact that you know your shit better than anyone else. You are stubborn about the things that you believe in, making you attractive. But, the fact that you so eloquently fight for the things that you hold most dear to you, that’s what makes you loveable as hell.


Your artistic abilities are what draw people to you the most. Not only are you able to create beautiful things with your hands, but your being and soul itself just emanates uniqueness. Everyone is looking for something different, and you are definitely different in the best way possible.


People born in May are all about the details. That being said, people will fall in love with you and your ability to really see them. You know them better than they know themselves and can read their mood through nothing more than a facial expression. People feel safe around you, and it’s hard not to fall in love with someone like that.


Everyone falls in love with you for the way you can work a room. You are the first person everyone wants to say hi to at the party. But so much more than that is your ability to make people feel special about themselves. You are a wonderful friend and motivator and who wouldn’t fall in love with that?


If you were born in July, you better believe people fall in love with you for your sense of humor. You have such a confidence in your delivery that always makes everyone crack up. Everyone loves to laugh, so naturally, everyone loves you. Also, you have the ability to pull off jokes that are still funny without being at the expense of another person.


August-born people are most loveable for the way they go out of their way and above and beyond for the people they care about. They do this in every aspect of their lives, due to the constant inner drive to be the best they can be. So, if you are born in August, know that people absolutely love you for the effort you put into your relationships. It might not always be recognized verbally, but it is always felt on a deeper level.


If you were born in September, people love you for your ability to show them another perspective. It’s almost like you are the voice of reason and can highlight the most important truths within another person and within the crazy world we live in. This is such a rare thing to find, so people will definitely fall in love with you once they see how effortless it is for you to provide.


The October-borns are most loveable for their non-judgmental demeanor. People can tell you pretty much anything without fear of you viewing them differently. If you were born in October, people will fall in love with you for being an excellent secret-keeper, and someone that they can confide in during the toughest times.


Being born in November means that everyone will fall in love with the fact that you are mentally incapable of half-assing anything. You do not see the point in doing something if it isn’t done your way which is always the best way. You have a vibrant personality and vision that gets executed in everything you do. People love you for your resilience and the fact that you are just an admirable person to know.


If you were born in December, people love you for your calming presence but also for your ability to crack a hilarious joke at the right time. You add so much flavor to anyone’s life that you enter, and are extremely unforgettable for that reason. Everyone loves a December-born because they are adaptable to any social situation which will capture your heart much faster than you realize.



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Real Reason Why I Left Arsenal—Alexis Sanchez.    You Won’t Believe!

Manchester United striker, Alexis Sanchez has revealed the real reasons he left Arsenal.

The Chilean international, who joined United few hours ago, said he did not feel ‘loved and important’ in former club and believes it will not be the same in Old Trafford.

The 29-year-old, who has been handed the number 7 shirt at Old Trafford, indicated that ‘feeling important’ was part of his decision to leave the North London club.

The long-anticipated swap deal that saw Henrikh Mkhitaryan head in the opposite direction was completed on Monday, bringing to a conclusion one of the biggest transfer stories of the January window.

Sanchez told MUTV, “He indicated it is important for the club for me to be here,” he said, “I also believe that the club itself cared about me joining, and I got the impression that they were keen for me to come here and wear the number seven shirt.”

“I think that also gets through to the player. Players sometimes need to feel important and loved by the club. That was one of the things that attracted me to come here, along with the manager, who is a person who won everything in Italy, the same as he did in Spain, and he’s a manager who likes to win.”

5 Things Extraordinary People Do To Act Differently.

Being ordinary is boring and is definitely not a good plan. Throughout my life in school, college and office, I have seen there are ordinary and there are extraordinary people. At a time, I believed living an extraordinary life is only possible for filthy rich and popular ones. Will I be able to ever live that life? With years of experience of living a life of mediocrity gradually, it became clear to me that being ridiculously wealthy or traveling to the stars or becoming famous won’t lead me to an extraordinary life. It is not something that I will get the approval of others but something that could be achieved if I focus on the little things in life. Here at ProofHub, I am living a life that is extraordinary and
empowering my teams to be more productive in their life.

Life is an adventure and we have the power to make it a grand adventure. Appreciate the extraordinary things that we fail to realize but are already a part of our life. It is a matter of mindset that can make your ordinary life into an extraordinary.

How does extraordinary happen?

If you think something you are doing is extraordinary, you are then definitely living an extraordinary life. Extraordinary starts with YOU- you have to break the chains of fear that keeps you locked into the system. Day by day you have to keep doing a lot extra to be something extra.

“Want to become a leader who gets things done? Start using a project management software.”

Extraordinary is everywhere and you can live an extraordinary life being an extraordinary personality by doing these things that extraordinary people do:

1. Leave the comfort and stop following the “majority”

“The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.”

― Albert Einstein

People living an extraordinary life are not weary of what others will say about them. They are not fearful of evolving and always try to be an extraordinary version of themselves. If you want to become extraordinary, it can not happen in a comfortable environment that many of us prefer to live in. If you wish to avoid pain and discomfort, you will never step out of the majority crowd. So, to continue living your dreams to live an extraordinary life, you should be willing to pay the price. Stop living in the big, safe crowd and leave the comfort. If you want to reach the top of the mountain, you will have to leave the city.

2. The rise of collaboration

The collaboration is the trending word. It is used for people working towards a common goal. Living an extraordinary life in today’s time is not just your wish. There are people who are running towards the same thing and people who already are living an extraordinary life. Hang out with these people. Spend a little time with them, how they act, how they speak and what they do. If you feel blue when every time you think of living an extraordinary life does not take a step back. Dreaming is extremely energizing as it pushes us to take a step out of our ordinary life. So, reach out to collaborate on social media with people living extraordinary lives. Follow some really inspirational people and open your mind to new ways of thinking. Implement sharing thoughts,

produce powerful ideas, implement collaboration and move towards a new direction. Fortunately, things will change.

3. “Can’t” and “won’t” doesn’t mean the same

How many times did you get stuck between the two: can’t and won’t. I can’t drive my car. I can’t tell you about this. I can’t stop crying. I can’t make it. The truth is that you are the one who interchanges the two words and accordingly set up your mind. There are some things we are too ashamed to admit that we won’t do and therefore we say that it cannot be done. And that is not the sign of an extraordinary person. So, the next time just tries to replace can’t with won’t and see the difference it makes to your thoughts and actions.

4. Do not be regretful of your values and ethics

“Apart from values and ethics which I have tried to live by, the legacy I would like to leave behind is a very simple one — that I have always stood up for what I consider to be the right thing, and I have tried to be as fair and equitable as I could be.” Ratan Tata

Living a life without regret is possible when you fail to live in relation with your most authentic self. Your life is your set principles and when your principles and value are clear, your decisions will be easier. Extraordinary people do not live in the environment of the majority and therefore they do not find it difficult to stick to their values. To be extraordinary, you must be committed to your values without regret. Those who do not like the way you live, it is their problem. Live up to your values and without anybody’s consent leaving behind the ordinary lifestyle.

5. Always indulge in self-care

How often do you treat yourself with kindness and compassion? One of the best things people living an extraordinary life do to themselves is realize their worth and take a break for their personal care. You actually would not realize the importance unless you do it. Your inner self will always jabber to you about the many things you have to do and will push you towards the need of others before your own. Giving yourself some “me time” will bring out your best selves and allow you to move ahead of ordinary life.

Ultimately, living an extraordinary life is a journey and the above points will help you see something extraordinary happening. You are responsible for the transformation from ordinary to extraordinary as you have to give your safety nets to achieve something more.

Two Mistakes We Make In Love. 

Today was a full day at work, and when I got back to my apartment and considered what I wanted to post, I breathed deeply and thought, “I just want to write something pretty.”
“Something pretty” is how you got an image with ivy on it today.

And it’s also how you got some citations from The Art of Loving, which I read over the weekend and was, as promised, one of those rare books that rises to the top as “good.” And, sure, “pretty.” And while it reads a little more sullenly that I was feeling, I still ran my fingers through some of the good parts, right there in chapter one, to share them with you here.

People know that love is important.
I believe this. I believe that people subscribe to the promises of love, and I believe that we are, for the most part, optimists on the subject. (Even those of us who are jaded are only jaded because we were (and deep down still are) optimists.)

But people often mess up the doing of love, and to that I gently take you by the shoulder and scoot you a little to the left. Because: most of us are doing this wrong.

People like love
But in the wrong way.

“They are starved for it; they watch endless numbers of films about happy and unhappy love stories, they listen to hundreds of trashy songs about love — yet hardly anyone thinks that there is anything that needs to be learned about love.” — Fromm, The Art of Loving
All of us, it seems, instead aspire to “fall into it,” to find ourselves swept up in the feelings we see portrayed (and, to an extent, project) in everything we consume about love, and we end up feeling more strongly about our idealization of love than we do about love itself.

We typically suffer from one if not both of the following mistakes about “love:”

1. Most people love primarily as “being loved,” rather than “loving.”
Hence the focus, for the vast majority of us, is on getting the most we can out of the transaction — and even those who position ourselves as “lovers” or “givers” are subconsciously (and in a self-sabotaging manner) really just looking to get (in this case, “appreciation,” “admiration,” or, simply, “love.”)

They think this exchange is honorable, but in reality it’s just the other side of the same coin, all of us looking to “get love,” and most of us “giving” something that looks and feels like “love” simply in order to get it back.

Many of us are consumed with the “fairness” of the exchange, wanting to talk in terms of who does “more,” and keeping score as though we’re opponents — or business partners — and not a single organism, where self love is love is self love.

At this point, people always want to @ me to talk about self love vs. selflessness vs. selfishness, because so many of us make the mistake of misinterpreting “self love” to mean “selfish.” In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. On the contrary, selfish people always lack real self love and are overcompensating for it. Love is all or nothing — we cannot love one person (either our partner or ourself) at the expense of the other. Love doesn’t work that way. Love builds on itself, and all of us are interconnected. So only when we truly love ourselves can we truly love another, and only when we do a good job of giving ourselves love and taking care of our own needs (without using others) can we enter into relationships with full hearts.

2. Most people assume love is an endpoint or feeling — rather than an ongoing decision and action.
They experience a fleeting feeling and are quick to call it “love,” and the biggest problem with doing so is that the minute that feeling fades (and it always does), we assume we’ve “fallen out of love”

“This attitude — that nothing is easier than to love — has continued to be the prevalent idea about love in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.”

Love takes work — but we’re so often slow to treat it as such. We’d rather endure half-hearted arrangements and let things fall apart, chalking it up as a fluke error or poor partner choice. And then we enter the next relationship, sights set high but with nothing to show by way of mindset improvement (other than blind optimism and/or a degree of jadedness.)

“There is hardly any activity, any enterprise, which is started with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet, which fails so regularly, as love. If this were the case with any other activity, people would be eager to know the reasons for the failure, and to learn how one could do better — or they would give up the activity. Since the latter is impossible in the case of love, there seems to be only one adequate way to overcome the failure of love — to examine the reasons for this failure, and to proceed to study the meaning of love.” — Fromm, The Art of Loving
The meaning of love — healthy love — being a rich and complex question, but something undeniably built on emotional health and respect for one another as individuals, not just as warm bodies who fill the role of “our boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/partner/spouse/etc.”

It means entering into relationships without a list of qualifications or expectations, especially around how we anticipate our partner “making us happy” or, equally, how we strive to “make them happy.” It’s simply being happy together, while fully understanding that it is not our partner’s job to make us happy — or ours theirs.

The meaning of love is to grow together, not hold each other in one spot. In that sense, it can seem to go against our lizard-brain desire for security and stability. Mature love supports and inspires and promotes. Mature love is breathing and living/

You’re Not Rich Because You Have Jesus But…… -Apostle Suleman.

Apostle Johnson Suleman.
The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has said that a man is not rich because he has Jesus nor by virtue of his bank account or the fleet of cars he has but by the lives he has affected positively.

In a video shared by his communications consultant, Phrank Shaibu, Apostle Suleman who, while giving the true definition of riches, also said that “wealth is not the cars you buy; its not the jets you buy. Your wealth is the life you have affected.”

The firebrand Apostle gave the exhortation during a mid-week service recently.

According to him, “You are not termed successful because you have money. Your success in life is a function of how many people who have become successful through your success. Success without affecting others is a failure in disguise.”

“How many of you are rich? You are a rich person. You are not rich because you have Jesus. You are not rich because you have Christ. You are not rich because Christ didn’t promise you riches, by receiving him, you become rich; he didn’t promise you that.

“You are rich because somebody is living because of you. You are rich by how many lives you have affected.

“A man’s prosperity is not estimated by reason of the cars that he has or the money in his bank account. What is your money is what you have used to help life.

“Life is not for personal gratification but is for generational affectation. But wealth is not the cars you buy, its not the jets you buy. Your wealth is the life you have affected.

“A man who pays the school fees consistently for seven people is richer than the man who has a private jet.

“Your success in life is a function of how many people who have become successful through your success. Success without affecting others is a failure in disguise.

“You are not termed successful because you have money.

“Look at your life and ask yourself a question. If you die now, who will miss you?

“Who will cry because their sustenance has been cut short?

“Your prosperity in life; I see people today, we live in a very funny generation where people spend so much on themselves.

“Somebody makes a new hair and takes a picture and puts it on social media. Somebody takes a bag, and puts it on social media, maybe he spends one million naira buying one bag and the mother is in the village for seven(7000) thousand naira she has not been able to pay in their union meeting. We are not living well when we live to ourselves.

“We live well when we live for people.

“I want you all here to do something when you get back home, if you are not doing it already.

“Look for one child; It might not be your child. I might be somebody’s child. That you will tell the mum, how much is the school fees of this child?

“It might be a public school. Say, leave it for me, i will pay.

“You know what God will do? God will make sure you always have the money to pay.

“Say please how much is your rent, leave it for me, I will handle it. God will make sure you always have the money to handle it.

“And what God does, is when He brings the money for that person, he will bring the money for yourself.

“Nobody has his money. All of us are treasurers in God’s hands. So, can we begin to have this understanding that the impact you make; you are going to be remembered for two things: The problems you solved or the problems you caused.

“You are going to be remembered for two things: How much life you affected and how much life you ignored.

“The true estimation of wealth is how much affectation, how much impact you have made in people’s lives.

“So, look for one person and say in my little level, it might not be education; it might just be a daily meal. And you tell somebody, every week, I will be able to drop a thousand naira for you for feeding. I want to make it my duty. And you will be surprised you will never be stranded. Do you understand?

That is the true meaning of riches. What you have done in the life of somebody.”

If you’re a man,this is the first thing a woman will notice about you. 

​First impressions are all important.

Lifestyle magazine Men’s Health quizzed 200 of their female readers in order to get an answer to the question “What is the first thing a woman notices about a man?” 

The study found that the first thing women notice upon passing a man on the street is the eyes. The magazine also provided a top five, so we all know exactly what we need to work on.

After the eyes, the most noticeable features on a man are the smile, height, hands and style in that order – which might not be great news for those among us who are vertically challenged (or toothless, for that matter).

Interestingly, the magazine also showed the men a picture of a man in a Speedo and asked the ladies where their eyes went at first glance. According to this bit of research, the top three answers were the abdomen, the face and the shoulders/biceps.

So if you want to make sure you don’t scare away women on the street, now you know the main thing to work on is your eyes…