OA1 The Upcoming Musician.

OA1 The Upcoming Musician.

Makinde Sidik  OLumide His better know by his stage name OA1 is Nigeria upcoming musician he kicked off his singing career while in secondary school In the year  2015 after forming a group called KROPS RECORD with his friends before his professional career as a singer,His first song is shoot with his friends (PMS) titled (omu ni tan MI) and now he currently owns an independent record label called (SBNS NATION)  SINGER BOY NO STUDIO and he is still in need of your help by being his fans on facebook “OA1” and you can also be his friend on facebook “Sidik Makinde Sidik” and he is a mucian that he ready to perform on the stage anytime.

Be his fans and let make it together…… 

Reward empire .

​RewardsEmpire.com seems to be a website where one can participate in and earn some income. According to their website, students, job seekers, and housewives can find best opportunities for earning here.

One thing that really caught my attention(and also bothered me) was a claim they made.

” Earning has never been this easy…

We Guarantee you that you will earn $1500 in your first week by simple task of 5 to 10 minutes “

That’s quite a bold claim to make if you ask me. They make it seem that one can earn money online through Rewards Empire effortlessly. Frankly speaking, I am not buying into any of these statements they made on their site. I have seen hundreds of different programs that promised easy money but eventually failed to deliver when I signed up so I don’t really see why this is any different from the rest.

Anyway, I am not going to come to any conclusions just yet. Since joining RewardsEmpire.com is free, I’ve decided to create an account, see it for myself and let you know my experience.

My Personal Experience…

The registration process was pretty fast. All I had to do was enter a username, password, and my email address and was able to create an account.

However, I have to say I was kinda disappointed once I entered the back office. I thought there would be some sort of “real job” opportunities for me to work on. Unfortunately, the only thing they had there was a referral link for me to promote.

The task for me was to post my links on places like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, forums, chat rooms, blogs and etc. So when someone clicks on that link and visit the site I will earn $10.

Although I am a little disappointed, I’m still kinda happy that I will be able to earn some decent money without even breaking a sweat.

So I did exactly like what they ask me to and shared my link on some social media channels. I managed to reach the minimum cashout within a couple of days.

Then that was where the problems started…

Before I could cash out I was required to complete some strange survey offers. Unfortunately, these offers aren’t free of charge. I was required to fork out some money from my pocket, and if not careful, may even be charged a fee on a monthly basis without even acknowledging it. So those of you who came to the point of starting the surveys, PLEASE do not complete those.

Everything started to fall into place only then. This site isn’t a legit job opportunity site. Basically, they have added some CPA offers on this site so whenever someone completes them the owner(s) will earn some commissions from the company. The whole idea here is to share this site with as many people as possible so everyone will come forward and complete the surveys.

Should have figured that out earlier!

So is RewardsEmpire.com a scam?

Yes, RewardsEmpire.com is definitely a scam.

It’s best that you stay away from this website at all means. Although it doesn’t require you to spend a great deal of money here, it nevertheless still is a scam for the simplest of reasons of giving everyone fake promises and wasting all of our time and effort referring our family and friends.

What you need to understand here is that earning money online is no different from the corporate world. You will have to work hard and put in the effort to get food on the table. Those that promise you easy or instant money obviously has some hidden agenda up their sleeves.

Final Verdict : Scam, Not Recommended

Safe & Solid Way To Earn Money Online?

For those of you who are keen in generating good income online, I highly recommend that you Start Your Own Online Business. This is a really safe and solid opportunity because you don’t depend on anybody but yourself. You don’t have to worry about completing the tasks and not getting paid later on.

So… what do I mean by online business?

There are many ways of running your very own online business. Selling your own products, running an e-commerce store, Amazon FBA is a few I can list from the top of my head. But the one that I am most comfortable with and talking about now is called Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing means promoting someone else’s products/services and earn commissions from it. There are countless of benefits for this approach which is the reason why I really love it.

Some of them include…

You don’t need a huge capital to start

Can be done from the comfort of your own home

No need to physically get in contact with anyone. Everything is done through the internet.

You don’t have to worry about what products to sell or storage space to put your products

It’s really not difficult to get started. All you need is an interest or passion. If you have one, you can build a business around it. I have been doing this for just over a year and have seen more than just great success with it. This opportunity has allowed me to quit my day job and run this entirely from home and the best part…? My income is almost 3 times of what I earned in the corporate world.

Though it is nice to hear… I have to tell you that this didn’t happen overnight. I have put in a great amount of effort to make this work. If you are expecting to make tons of money within a week or month, sorry, this isn’t something for you. You have to put in the effort and give yourself enough time to see success in this.

I know some of you might be thinking right now, how do I get started without any proper understanding or knowledge about Affiliate Marketing & starting an online business. Don’t worry, I have got you covered. I have been using this program called Wealthy Affiliate . It’s an online training platform that teaches you from scratch to building an affiliate marketing business.

If you are interested to find out more, you can check my review on it…

How To Gain What You Want Through Concentration .

It is of the utmost value to learn how to concentrate. To make the greatest success of anything you must be able to concentrate your entire thought upon the idea you are working on. The person that is able to concentrate utilizes all constructive thoughts and shuts out all destructive ones. The greatest man would accomplish nothing if he lacked concentration.


Our two natures; one wants to advance; the other wants to pull us back. The one we concentrate on and develop determines what we will become. How you may change your whole career and accomplish miracles. We can be completely controlled by our concentrated thought. How can you make an “opportunity”. One man’s opportunity is usually another man’s loss. A very beneficial practice. Why we get back what we give out. A wonderful encouraging tonic. Every man that is willing to put forth the necessary effort can be a success. The man that is best prepared to do things. How to make your services always in demand. How to reach the top. The man selected to manage is not usually a genius. He does not possess any more talent than others. What he does possess that others do not. Why a few succeed and so many fail.

Very few men possess the power to concentrate as they should. The cause of poor concentration. A very good practice. Concentration means strength of mind. The person unable to concentrate never accomplished a great deal. How many weaken their powers of concentration. How concentration can only be developed. How to control your every thought, wish and plan. What concentration is. The person that is able to concentrate gains the Power to control others. Concentration makes the will and intellect act in unison. Why some people are not magnetic. When a powerful personal influence is generated. How to become influential. The cause of spasmodic, erratic concentration. How to centralize your attention. A quick way to develop concentration. The development of physical and mental concentration. How to learn a valuable lesson. One of the best ways to influence another. A good exercise. The real benefit of physical culture usually lost sight of. How to hold the facilities at work.

The mistake made by those that do not understand the power of mental attraction. How to get what you want. We are not living in a “fairy age.” Not the age for a “dreamer.” The secret of getting what you concentrate on. How a messenger in a bank became its president. “Power to him who power exerts.”

The power of thought. An experiment showing the power of thought. By concentrated thought you can make yourself what you please. How to greatly increase your efficiency. The face reflects how a person has spent his life. How to awaken possibilities within, you never dreamed of. How to inspire confidence in those you deal with. The value of concentrating your thoughts in the proper channels. How to attract the good things without a, great effort. By concentration you can revolutionize your life and gain happiness greater than you can imagine.

How you may become successful. The barriers to success can be controlled. How to realize your fondest ambitions. How to overcome destructive forces. How to become the master of circumstances. Through concentration you can mold your environment. You can get what you want. Sowing the thought seeds of success. Mind forces that are hardly dreamed of at present. A method for removing unfavorable conditions. Concentration makes you happy and gives you plenty to do.

The great secret of any accomplishment. Everything Is possible today. The inner energy that controls all conscious acts. How you can become a genius. A mighty force at your disposal. Rules that will make you a “man” among men. The spirit that wins. Concentration develops determination and perseverance. Some special instructions. What will power is. You have as strong a will as anyone. You determine your own fate. The importance of learning to use your will.

The attitude of the mind affects the expression of the face. The wonderful power of the concentrated mental demand. How to desire something and exclude all distracting thoughts. The silent force of wonderful power within all of us. How to make plans work out. The mightiest power in the world is free for you to use. The motive power which supplies the energies necessary for achievement.

We gonna continue on this topic Next Week saturday. THANKS. 

Make A Game Of Positive Thinking. 

Copy the list of words on a piece of paper.When you have guests you can suggest that they test themselves to see how negative they may be.Discuss the mind and how it can lead us to success or failure.Remember! The more conscious you become of the power of thought, the more cautious you will be as to the type of thoughts you allow to linger in your mind.Here is another helpful game.Take each letter of the alphabet and see how many positive words you can think of for each letter.

Among the positive words you could select for A, are Adorable, Admire, Agreeable, Alacrity, Alert, Ambitious, Amiable, etc.For B you might think of such words as Beautiful, Becoming, Beloved, Benediction, Benefit, Bounty, etc.Proceed through the alphabet, thinking of as many positive words as you can.A good way to use this positive alphabet is to obtain a small card file, about the size of the usual cooking recipe file.Get a set of index cards and a quantity of blank 3″ x 5″ cards, obtainable from most stationery stores.Take a card for each positive word and file it after the correct letter.Soon you’ll have well over 100 name cards in your file.Every time you learn something, or read something, about any one of the positive words, take that card from your file and add the information you obtained.It is not likely that you will refer to this file often, but the very act of keeping it, makes you more positive-thought conscious.

Accepting The Supremacy Of Mind Over Matter. 

THAT MIND-OVER-MATTER stuff is all bunk,” a man declared after he had listened to a talk on the efficacy of mind power.”Anyone believing in it is not too bright,” he added.His is not an isolated case, although it is rare these days; but around the turn of the century, the subject could not be mentioned without many people taking issue with it.The fact is that nothing man-made has ever been created without having been started with a thought; therefore, statements to the contrary are just plain wrong.It may be, perhaps, that the opponents to the principles of mind over matter are not, in reality, antagonistic to them as such, but that they have difficulty in believing that the way they think – negatively or positively – can have any bearing on what happens to them.It is absolutely necessary that you accept the supremacy of mind over matter.And this will not be difficult since, as I said above, every accomplishment starts with a thought.Please remember: In talking about mind over matter I am not talking about cults, dogmas, “isms,” black magic, or anything bordering on the supernatural.I am discussing only the normal manner in which mind operates.In discussing the mind and how it operates I do not wish to convey the idea that I know all about the subject.I would fall dismally short if I tried to give a correct definition of mind.Dr. J.B. Rhine of Duke University – a man who probably knows more about the human mind than any other man of our time – opens his book, The Reach of the Mind, by saying: “Science cannot explain what the human mind really is and how it works with the brain. No one even pretends to know how consciousness is produced. What kind of a natural phenomenon is thought? There isn’t even a ‘theory.'”Electrical engineers are adept in the use of electricity, but if you asked any one of them to explain what electricity really is, he could do no more than guess.In my many years devoted to the study of the mind, I have learned much regarding its use, but as to what the mind really is, I am in complete accord with Dr. Rhine.Many times, the expression “mind over matter” is used with reference to the influence of mind over the motion of objects, referred to as psychokinesis.Experiments at Duke University and elsewhere seem to indicate that the power of mind can be actually directed to influence the motion of objects.You get an idea for something you wish to make.You assemble the materials you need and proceed to produce the thing which is pictured in your mind.In time you have a replica of the object pictured, and your achievement is a manifestation of mind over matter.Remember! The magnitude of your project is in direct proportion to the extent of the mental image you can conceive.As an illustration: You may picture in your mind a letter you wish to write.There is absolutely no doubt as to your ability to carry through on this project.You assemble your paper, envelope, pen and stamp and you reproduce in material form the image first held in mind.Going to the other extreme, suppose you had a desire to build a building such as the Empire State Building in New York City, how far would you get? The undertaking is such a gigantic one that you would have difficulty in controlling your mind to the point where you could see yourself completing  – or even attempting – the huge job.This illustration might prompt one to say: “But to build an enormous building would require a large sum of money; only the rich could entertain such an idea.”This is not always true.Permit me to tell you of a case with which I am personally familiar.A man without means became obsessed by the idea that he would like to own and operate a large apartment house.Instead of bemoaning the fact that he had no money, he began thinking of ways and means of starting such a project without money.In Westchester County – a suburb of New York City – he found an ideal piece of property for his apartment building.Being a choice location, the price of the lot ran into large figures.This aggressive young man went to the owner of the plot and made a proposal.He told him that with the lot he could borrow enough money from banks or insurance companies to finance the building of an apartment house.He said that he would want an interest in the building for his work in putting it over and that he would also want to manage the building.His sincerity impressed the property owner, and he accepted the proposal.An architect designed a handsome twelve-story apartment house; the financing was arranged, and in due time the man who started with nothing but an idea owned an interest in, and was managing, a very successful enterprise.Good ideas are better than money, because with good ideas it is not difficult to obtain money.One might think that this enterprising man had reached a peak of satisfaction and should be content to remain as he was; but the thrill of achievement was too great.He could not resist seeking new trails to blaze.His next venture was another apartment house, but this time he had money with which to finance it himself.The last time I heard, he was planning a multimillion-dollar motel.

Use Your Creative Mind To Stimulate Your Mind

In connection with your mental exercises, be certain to use this faculty of the Creative Mind.Many people, when called upon to arrive at some solution which requires concentrated thinking, will immediately think: “Oh, I can’t do that.” This, of course, is a sure way to block the mental processes so that a logical solution will not be forthcoming.As you proceed with your mental exercises, build on the thought that they are easy for you and that from them you will gain great good.Develop an awareness that your mind is becoming more alert day by day.It will be interesting – and enjoyable – to discover that your mind is becoming more alert.

How To Make Your Creative Mind Work For You. 

If you wanted an errand boy to do something for you, what would you do? You would merely give him the proper instruction.

If you wished him to go to the post office and mail a letter, you’d tell him to do so; and with perfect certainty that he would do just that, you dismiss it from your mind and think no more about it.You wouldn’t doubt his ability to do so; nor would you doubt his willingness to do so.You would instinctively know that the errand would be done.You can give your Creative Mind instructions with the same carefree certainty.Suppose you needed a large sum of money for some project, or to meet an obligation.You could hold a thought such as: / will be guided in thought and action toward the solution of my problem.

It will be easy – and fun – to get the amount of money needed.Two specific things would happen – quickly.1. You would lose the feeling of doubt as to whether or not you could obtain the money.There would be a feeling of assurance that within a short period of time, the needed money would be available.2. Thoughts would begin flowing into your conscious mind not only telling you what to do to get the money, but actually inspiring you to take immediate steps to obtain it.Here again I must repeat a statement made before: Your Creative Mind works best when your conscious mind is either in abeyance {asleep) or pleasantly occupied.The Chairman of the Board of one of this country’s largest corporations once said: “I can’t possibly do all of the work coming to me in twelve months of the year – but I can in ten months.”This man knew something about the operation of the Creative Mind; he realized that it worked best while the conscious mind was either in abeyance, or pleasantly occupied.He would take frequent cruises on his yacht.Before leaving he would instruct his Creative Mind as to its duties during his sail.He would take the problem or problems and would suggest that while he was pleasantly occupied as a mariner, his Creative Mind would find the answers for him.Invariably, upon his return to his desk, all he would have to do would be to put into force those ideas flowing into his consciousness.When the palatial yacht of the late J.P. Morgan was completed and ready for its trial cruise, I was invited to go aboard.It was my good fortune to have Mr. Morgan take me on an inspection tour throughout the boat.In his personal cabin, I observed a specially constructed card table.The top of the table was counterbalanced so that it would remain stationary, no matter how the ship might roll.J.P. Morgan told me that whenever he had to make a decision, and the thought would not come to him as to the right decision to make, he would put the problem entirely out of his mind by getting a deck of cards and playing solitaire for an hour.After finishing the game, he told me, the right decision to make would be crystal clear in his mind.Whether Mr.Morgan realized it or not, he was putting his Creative Mind to work for him.While he played cards, his Creative Mind, with its reasoning faculties, would consider his problem, calmly working out the logical solution.Robert Updegraff, in his book, Putting Your Subconscious Mind to Work for You, said: It is not so much a lack of Brain Power or of business capacity or acumen that keeps men from progressing faster toward their objectives, and toward a solid position in the world.It is rather, because they take only half a mind into business with them.The result is –  that they work their conscious mind too hard – too many hours of the day – and too many days of the year.We feel virtuous, because we work so hard and so conscientiously that we are tired, whereas we should feel ashamed that we work so hard –  and make so little progress – and we are weary of mind.Mr. Updegraff meant by “half a mind” that we attempt to do all of our work consciously without taking advantage of the tremendous reservoir of power at our command in the Creative Mind.From this moment onward you should begin forming the habit of putting the Creative Mind to work for you.This servant is on the job twenty-four hours every day.As you learn to use that great force, that endless source of intelligence at your disposal, you will find that, consciously, you have more time for recreation and enjoyment.Have you ever observed that those people who accomplish the most are the ones who seem to work the least? The President of the United States will usually take several vacation periods each year, and we all know the vast amount of work resting on the shoulders of the chief executive.Heads of large organizations will, as a rule, take at least two vacations each year; yet we know the responsibilities they have.Let me crystallize the dominant idea in this chapter: The Creative Mind does its best work while the conscious mind is either in abeyance or pleasantly occupied.This gives you the happy news that to be successful, it is really essential that you take more time for enjoyable diversion, instead of working harder – and longer.This is possible by utilizing the forces of the Creative Mind to do your constructive thinking and planning, while your conscious mind puts into action the results from the efforts of your Creative Mind.“If I work my Creative Mind twenty-four hours each day, won’t I always be mentally tired?” you might ask.No! Right now your Creative Mind is working twenty-four hours each day.If it is not being directed into positive, constructive channels through constructive thinking, it will be working against you by obeying negative thoughts.There are two important points I would like to emphasize at this time:

1. Your Creative Mind, if permitted to, will direct you in your work, making it better, easier to perform, and far more pleasant.

2. You can, at will, direct your Creative Mind to assist you in the solving of problems; to help you make the right decisions; to create ways and means of great achievement.At this point, I suggest that before proceeding, you lay the post aside for a few moments and think about the things you have already learned.If, by chance, you have found yourself growing tense through the emotional excitement these thoughts might have stirred within you, relax.In the post to follow you will be given a routine enabling you to begin to live according to these principles, and it is important that you approach them under ideal conditionsNow you will learn how you can help your Creative Mind to help you.

1. Know that your Creative Mind is occupied every hour of the day; and that it is working for or against you.

2. Know that your Creative Mind is working for you because you hold nothing but positive, constructive thoughts.

3. Be specific in the instructions you give to your Creative Mind.If it is better health you want, know that your Creative Mind is directing the glands and organs of your body to bring you better health, and that thoughts will come into your consciousness directing you to do the things necessary to promote better health.If you desire further advancement in your work, know that your Creative Mind will direct you to take the steps necessary to assure advancement.If problems stand between you and your happiness, know that your Creative Mind, with its reasoning faculties, will provide a practical solution for you.Know that your Creative Mind stands ready, able and willing to assist you in any way you may desire.

4. Free your mind from worry.

As you now know, your Creative Mind is the seat of intelligence.

If you have been thoughtful as you read these pages, you will know that the maximum amount of intelligence which one may have – consciously – is nothing at all compared to the amount we all have in our Creative Minds.

Worry prevents you from doing the things which would provide the means to prevent the worry! This is literally true.

To worry is to doubt the intelligence and power of your Creative Mind.

“How can I keep from worrying when I have so many troubles?” you may ask.

The answer to this question is simple indeed.

Worrying will not help the problem in the least.

It will make it worse.

Instead of worrying – take the time which you might use for worry and devote it constructively to working out ways and means of overcoming the problem.

5. Have faith.

Make certain you are not merely wishing for better conditions through your Creative Mind.

Sense the feeling of self-mastery which comes when you fully understand the truth of the statement made earlier, to the effect that the conscious mind is the master – the Creative Mind the Servant.

A worried little woman once came to me for counsel regarding her problems.

She could not get along with her husband.

She received practically no money for clothing, and had no chance to earn money, because of the time required to care for her children.

She definitely felt that my teachings were for the other fellow – not for her.

She considered her case hopeless.

She was emphatic in saying that she could find no time to study for self-improvement.

I told her that the answers to her problems were contained in her Creative Mind, and that if she would have faith in it, she would find happiness.

My talk of an hour or more seemed to make no impression on her, so set was she in her own opinions.

But, six months later, she came back to me, and she had changed so amazingly that I did not recognize her.

She had difficulty in making me remember the sorrowful creature she had been on her first visit to me.

This woman did accept the thought that her Creative Mind held the answers to her problems; so she proved it by giving her Creative Mind an opportunity to solve them.

She started by knowing that her Creative Mind would guide her to do the necessary things to enable her to find harmony with her husband.

She began to visualize a fine wardrobe, and knew she would obtain it.

She knew that the problem of rearing her children would cease to be a problem.

This woman related – with marked enthusiasm – that her married life was now ideal.

She had plenty of fine garments in her wardrobe, and her children were now a joy instead of a care.

And, that was not all.

With her blessings and freedom from worry, she began to feel – and look – far younger than she had, with what you have learned so far, the results obtained by this woman are only normal and to be expected, by those who make use of the Creative Mind.